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How it Works

At Joy Church App, we believe in providing value that aligns with your church's size and needs. This is why we've designed a flexible pricing structure that grows with you. Here's how our pricing tiers work:

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Free Version - Faithful Foundations

Our Free Version offers the essential features you need to manage your church and stay connected with your congregation. This tier is perfect for smaller churches or those just starting out. With the Free Version, you'll enjoy:

  • Activity Dashboard: Keep your church activities organized.

  • Contact Database: Manage your members' information with ease.

  • Financials:  Enter and track sales of memberships, products, and donations.  Joy will even generate and send PDF receipts.

  • Event Scheduling: Plan and share your church events effortlessly.

  • Member Directory: Keep your community connected.

  • Online Calendar: Schedule and share your liturgical events.

  • Yearly/Monthly Membership Selection: Customize membership options.

  • Customizable Branding: Tailor the look and feel of the app to your church's identity.


Note: The Free Version does not include text messaging or credit card processing capabilities.

Pro Version - Ministry Without Limits

For churches ready to take their ministry to the next level, the Pro Version unlocks full access to our platform, including advanced features that facilitate seamless communication and generous giving. With a modest transaction fee of 5% on credit card payments, you get:

  • All features from the Free Version

  • Text Messaging: Send updates and inspirational messages directly to your members' phones.

  • Credit Card Processing: Accept tithes, offerings, and donations securely and conveniently - both online and in-person using Joy's integrated credit card terminal.

  • Advanced Reporting: Gain insights into giving trends and member engagement.

  • Custom Domain: Use your Church's existing website domain or have Joy's team of experts choose and secure a domain for you.

  • Concierge Service: Joy's team of experts will help you every step of the way to make sure the use of the Joy Church App is an amazing experience for both administrators/staff and members alike.


The 5% transaction fee is an inclusive rate that covers credit card processing, platform maintenance, and support, ensuring that Joy Church App remains a robust and reliable tool for your ministry.

This is a photorealistic image of a dense grove of aspen trees. The aspens stand tall with their distinctive white bark and clusters of green leaves, creating a natural columnar pattern throughout the image. The forest floor is covered with a layer of fallen yellow leaves, suggesting the season is either late summer or early autumn. Sunlight filters through the canopy, casting dappled light and creating a peaceful, secluded atmosphere. The sky above is a clear blue with a few wispy clouds, enhancing the feeling of height and openness in the grove.

Why Choose Pro

Go Pro with Joy Church App: Unleash the full potential of your ministry with seamless transactions and engaging tools, all in one place.

The image shows a collection of cartoon avatars representing a diverse group of people, arranged in a circle against a light background. These eight friendly faces depict a variety of hairstyles, skin tones, and clothing colors, suggesting inclusivity and community. Each character is smiling, conveying a sense of happiness and engagement, possibly representing members of a congregation or participants in a social app. The circular arrangement and varied representation might symbolize unity and the diverse nature of a connected group.

Empowered Engagement - Reaching Further

Upgrade to the Pro Version to boost your church's outreach. Tailor communications, manage events, and send targeted texts with ease. Connect deeply, engage your community, and ensure every message not only reaches its audience but also inspires action—all with the tools designed for modern ministry.

The image is a vibrant illustration of a pile of coins in various sizes and colors, with some coins having dollar signs on them. The coins are depicted in a whimsical, overflowing manner, signifying abundance or financial success. Small elements like tiny arrows and lines suggest movement, indicating the dynamic nature of finance. The coins' various colors and the playful style of the drawing might represent different currencies or financial diversity. This image could be associated with financial services, savings, investment, or fundraising themes.

Transparent Transactions - Shared Success

When your church processes a payment through Joy Church App, the 5% transaction fee is shared with Stripe, our trusted credit card servicing partner. This collaboration allows us to provide top-notch security and reliability for all your transactions, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what matters most—your ministry.

The image depicts a diverse group of eleven cartoon people standing together in a friendly, close-knit gathering. They are of various ethnicities, genders, and ages, representing a wide range of diversity. The individuals are drawn with a simple and charming art style, featuring smiling faces and casual, contemporary clothing in a variety of soft pastel colors. They appear to be in a comfortable and happy social situation, possibly symbolizing community, inclusivity, and unity. The background is a plain, light color that highlights the group, and the image has a soft, rounded border giving it a welcoming and friendly vibe.

Investing in Your Ministry's Future

Every transaction supports the continuous improvement and development of Joy Church App, which means that with every contribution, you're not just supporting your church but also enhancing your digital ministry tools.

We're here to grow with you, and our Pro Version is designed to empower your church's mission with no upfront costs, no monthly fees, and no hidden charges.

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